Friday, 10 December 2010

Panic on the streets of London....

So the vote was passed, the streets were full of anger and the Daily Mail got their photo to become outraged to. All I keep reading is that we have lost the argument if we resort to violence.  The irony of this is delicious.  The Tory press moan about violence towards monuments that are there as a result of violence.  Nothing of course about the Police charging children with horses, or the more than 100 protesters hospitalised, or the violence by the Police towards a protester in a wheelchair.  Why were the horses brought in?  It was because the protesters were throwing things like snooker balls apparently, but where is the logic in that?  You kettle groups of protesters, they get angry, they throw things, and then you charge at them with horses.  This is supposed to be a calming measure!!!  Unbelievable rank hypocrisy.  Still the Mail complain about cruelty to Horses, whilst celebrating hunting and field sports in general.  My MP was, as usual, on the money of course.  Not a word about the issues, she was only concerned about the horses, that the Police CHOSE to employ.  Don't worry about the students being beaten unconscious of course.  Then we have the idiot decision to parade Charles and Camilla past the protests, and the feigned shock that they threw some stuff at them.  There is a student in hospital at the moment undergoing an operation to stop bleeding on the brain, but the pot of paint on a Rolls Royce is more important of course.  I am sick to death of hearing that violence never works when my taxes are going to fund illegal wars and I am supposed to pay again for my children's education.  Violence works when it suits the government and media, and I am afraid to admit, I genuinely believe it might have to continue in this case.

The Education cuts are proportionately bigger than virtually every other cut, they were a choice, and an ideological one at that.  If we continue to be lied to, ignored, kettled, attacked, abused and pilloried, then violence is inevitable, and will soon become absolutely necessary.

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