Friday, 1 October 2010

Nadine Dorries

I should start this Blog Post off by making a couple of points clear.  I am self employed, I pay my taxes, and I do not support the Labour party.  The reason for my slightly strange opening statement may seem slightly odd, but hopefully will become clear.  My MP, Nadine Dorries, yesterday was responsible for another shall we say, eccentric, blog post.  In it, she is making a rather unsubtle accusation about one of her constituents.  I have had the pleasure of meeting the lady in question on one occasions .  The blog post, and subsequent coverage it received on Guido Fawkes blog, were nothing short of inflammatory.  Now, if I am getting the point right here, Dorries accuses her constituent of wasting public money that she receives from the benefit system by spending her time on Twitter.  I assume that it is therefore not OK to waste public money in MP's wages by writing frankly childish and abusive blog posts that attack her constituents.  If you read Guido's blog comments, you will see that the pub that the constituent drinks in, the night she drinks there, and a photograph have been published.  What a nice example to set.  I hope that Mrs Dorries is on the phone to her friend Guido this morning asking him to remove this information.  Mrs Dorries has a particular dislike for any behaviour that could be constituted as stalking as reported here by Political Blogger Tim Ireland.

The disdain with which Dorries treats her constituents would appear on the surface to be despicable.  I have written to her on a number of occasions, and to date have received one reply.  I hope that my polite and articulate letters have not been treated as a "Bombardment" or from a "Stalker" or a "Nutter".  The "Nutter" line in particular is disgraceful.  If you don't agree with someone's views, or methods, by all means criticise, but to use a phrase like that shows a want of decorum, taste, intelligence or decency.  Have a little class please.

If we revisit her blog, we will see how little of her time is spent on real constituency matters.  The only one seems to be the Incinerator site....what else are you involved with locally Mrs Dorries?  We never see you locally, we only see you on TV, not talking about local issues.  You are in a safe seat, so I can only assume that you don't really care.

You arrogant, petty, destructive, childish and hypocritical outbursts serve no purpose other than to underline why you are held in such low regard by so many, including the leader of your party, who it would seem would rather go back on a promise of a third of his cabinet ministers being female than to employ you in any position of authority.


  1. Another slight problem with what Dorries is attempting lies here

    "Dorries accuses her constituent of wasting public money that she receives from the benefit system by spending her time on Twitter."

    Pity the constituent is in employment, currently on sickness absence and not (repeat not) on benefits.

  2. Well said. Never know how such a silly woman gets elected. Hang on..

  3. Thanks Everyone....I hope you will continue to let everyone know what this ridiculous woman is preaching