Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Patrick Mercer - What a twit

I was browsing the wonders of my Twitter timeline, when I came across this beauteous bit of swearing, so proficient in its anger that I had to investigate further

"Who the living fuck balls is this wankstain Patrick Mercer cuntard?" This was a tweet from the ever entertaining and insightful @Gaijinsan21...Follow him, and your life will be further enriched...trust me.

Anyway....the object of his derision, the Rt Hon Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP for Newark...here is is.....

Anyway....now you have finished being all lecherous about him....

Read this, and then I dare you to do anything other than wholeheartedly agree with the aforementioned tweet.

I have instrantly thrown my iPhone away...I cannot possibly use this portable WMD anymore

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