Friday, 5 November 2010

Descent into madness?

Well I suppose it was inevitable really. Dorries has finally, it would appear, "lost the plot" and started to make out and out accusations about a political blogger; Tim Ireland. If you read the rest of this blog you will see that Tim has been relentless in his pursuit of truth and justice for Dorries. In her latest blog entry, she says;

"If you put into place your usual method of operation of continuous telephone calls, blogging, blitz emailing thousands of ranting words etc to people going about their daily business, I am sure the Police may take a strong view."

This is stunning in its concept. She genuinely believes that the Police will be interested in the views of bloggers? She REALLY believes that? Surely not? Whilst much of the coverage that she receives on Twitter is of a mocking variety, and I too have joined in on this occasionally, I have recently made the decision to stick to the cold hard facts of the case. In order to be taken seriously, I suppose I ought to behave in that way. So this revelation that the Police may be interested in Tim makes me wonder if the Rozzers will be banging my door down? After all, I have dared to question and criticise her.

Tim Ireland's pursuit of Dorries must be hugely irritating for her. Political Blogger and Radio Presenter Ian Dale yesterday answered my question about her with "You wouldn't say that if you had to put up with it". The thing is, it would appear to me on further reading, that Tim only writes about a certain kind of MP. The kind of MP who would at best seem guarded and non transparent. The kind of MP, who would appear to be lying. He has singled out MPs for their behaviour. Ian Dale may well be a friend of Dorries, and I admire his loyalty, but there has to come a time when even the most partisan of supporters realise that something is amiss here. In all of the words of support written about Dorries this week, they have pretty much exclusively relied on the "Bloody Lefties" response. There has been no solid and robust defence, no facts to back up Dorries, just name calling and childish tongue poking. Because Dorries just blocks constituents for asking questions, they all seem to think that this is the best way to deal with it. That is fine, Dale for example is not being paid by our taxes as far as I am aware. Dorries is being paid to do a job, and it would appear that this is increasingly spent on things that are not in either the general public's or her constituent's interest.

As for these constituents, how many of you can genuinely claim that this woman should remain in office? I have read little in the way of a defence of her, but was stunned to see one constituent say that it was all just back biting! This woman is clearly not acting in our interests. Many members of all parties have clearly had enough of her incoherent rants (That was not a dig at the Dyslexia, but aimed at her eccentric logic). There are very strong rumours that her demise may not be too far away.

If this is the case, I just want to go on record with one or two things.

If, as a hope, she has to stand down, there will be the inevitable backlash from her supporters of bullying and victimisation. Just remember the following;

She started the personal attacks on the Labour candidate in the last election
She then accused another candidate; Linda Jack of the Liberal Democrats, of making the campaign personal
She openly lied to her constituents at the hustings in Flitwick
She has attacked a constituent on the grounds of her disability, and fabricated
She has refused to give evidence of apparent reports to the Police
She has allied herself with extreme organisations, and then denied it
She was found to be unhelpful to the enquiry into her expenses, and failed to notify the relevant authorities
She habitually blocks her constituents from contacting her, and has replied to two of my 8 letters in the last four years
She calls her constituents stalkers for asking questions

None of these are points of view, or opinions, I have evidence of all of them. They are facts.

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