Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More on Expenses - The Git that keeps on giving

MPs fear being 'torn apart' for criticising expenses regime:

So today, I embark on a blog that is not predominantly about Dorries, although, she does feature heavily. It would seem that the issue of expenses is not going away just yet, and that there are many MPs who wish to keep it somewhere near the top of the agenda. This seems to me, to be a bit of a turnaround. It was not long ago that we were being told that the public were bored of hearing about it, and that they wanted to focus on real issues. It was with some degree of surprise therefore that I read that

"that a debate on the topic would garner a lot of interest as it was nearly all MPs talked about in the Commons tea rooms. One of the criteria the committee use to judge whether to grant a debate or not is whether they feel enough MPs will want to discuss the topic.

"There are a lot of people who want to say something, I am sure we could not only fill 3 hours but probably 12 hours,"

This is remarkable really. We have a world recession, the decimation of public services, the looming job losses, the crisis in the benefits system, our allies being accused of human rights breaches, but the single most important topic for our MPs is their own pockets!? We have a new transparent politics apparently. We can trust them all. Dorries may have been found not guilty of the major charge against her recently, but she was smacked on the wrist for failing to keep up with the policy of filling out forms. Now she just wants to be paid without the correct evidence, as it is overly bureaucratic. Well I might try that one with the tax man on my tax return. Surely I should be afforded the same luxury of being able to half fill out forms, send them in with no supporting evidence, and still expect to get away with it? What an absolute shower they really are

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